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AQAM Group

Al Qamar Al Mushreq Trading LLC is a conglomerate engaged in several enterprises with the Middle East spanning from retail commerce to product distribution within the FMCG industry.

We are one of the leading health food distributor, importer, and exporter of superior quality food and non-food products in the UAE, Middle East region & international markets. We provide our clients with a distinctive balance of supreme quality products and value-added service.

We began family business in 2010 and focused into the niche of health and wellness industry since 2016.




We are keen to work with brands with a long perspective growth in the GCC region. We only choose selected brands which suits our niche and infographics.

Retail Chain

We have positioned ourselves in the market in such a way to reach middle class and upper middle class customers. We have 12 stores present in the leading malls across the UAE.


Aqam group provides a full range of professional procurement services to leading food supplements retailers, government officials, cruise ships and is aimed at achieving the main objectives of procuring the food supplements on time and to the specified quality.

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